-008` The Voice of Reason (6.5)

Here is a little song I wrote called “Voice of Reason”. This song was made entirely in Reason 6.5. RE-vamped RE-mixed RE-written and RE-made from the ground up. :p Along with any custom synth sounds, I used only the Reason 6.5 Factory Soundbank and Orkester ReFills.The Rack Extensions used in this song were Polar and Buffre. Play the track while you follow along with the lyrics (click the red text under player) Leave me a comment below and thank you for listening!

Verse 1
Listen to the voice of a heathen, let me put my beat in
Get to woofin’ get to tweetin’.
Make it look easy. Get to choppin’ out the sequence
with all kinds of tweakin’. Recordin’ while I’m speakin’
I got to get the beat breathin’.
Hold on, lemme have a synth, pull that lead in.
I RE-made this whole song in a weekend.
I gave them Kong pads a beatin’.
I ain’t ever sleepin’. I’m always usin’ Reason.
They got it heated just like I need it.
Throw in my chops and hits and then my snares and kicks
Record my licks and riffs with zero gimmicks.
Now I’ma flip and hit the mix with tricks.
“He be sick!” “Yeah, he be on that Reason 6.”
Recorded from my bedroom, left myself some headroom,
Bouta add some volume to the vocals for the Neptune.
Hook (x1)
Drop that beat in.
Listen to the Voice of Reason.
Drop that Beat in Listen to the Voice of Reason

Verse 2
Oh they listenin’. Drop me in a malstrom.
Ooh I put the scream on it. That thing is foul son.
I mean, we could have a mild sound or a wild one.
Reason will get ya like any type of style done.
How am I gonna walk through a door and buy a keyboard
That I can’t afford, and then go buy four more?
Um..Or, I could just load up a Thor.
Save my money leave that stuff at the store.
I could use anything else but Reason get it done faster.
And that’s good cause I’m an unreasonable rapper.
I’m impatient. I don’t like waitin’
And this facilitates fast creatin’
Who said it ain’t a drum machine killa? You seen my redrum.
Show me your drum machine and i’ll show you a dead one.
I mean, Reason do all that and then some.
That’s why I’m tryna buy all of my friends one.
[ Hook (x2)
And its cheap enough to.
But i ain’t buyin for you.
Im not that nice.
I bought it for myself twice.

Verse 3
Listen to the 3 new effects in Reason 6
What this means is a whole new heap of tricks like,
Say i want my drums more “live-er”
Im bouta hit em wit the Pulveriser.
Yep. I’ll hafta catch ya’ll later.
Cause I’m out here wrestlin’ with my Alligator and,
When he bite he don’t like to let go.
Don’t make me tell ya twice I’ll use the Echo

Oh..Did I forget to mention,
6.5 got the Rack Extensions?
Props, They always breakin’ conventions.
Take your tracks to the next dimension.

Hook (x2)
*Buffre break*
Listen to it.

Ol’ Skoo Note:
Some of you may remember way back when, I had to make a song for a Reason class. (Yes, I got an A) It was only a fun idea, that accidentally became a whole song. That beat was made entirely in Reason 4.0. The vocals were recorded with my DAW at the time (pre-Record 1.0 days) and then imported back into a NN-XT in a combinator with fx. I switched so many computers and versions of Reason that the song got lost in the shuffle. Anyway, I thought i’d remake and it might make a good example of how one fool at home can make a nice Rap track using only Reason.

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  1. Todd

    I love it. Great job bro. Everything was tight except the heathen part in the beginning. You guessed it, I’m a Christian. Looking forward to buying the new refill.

    1. Post

      Thanks man!!
      & No disrespect intended it was just a “heathen / monster on the mic” type of thing that’s all.. It rhymed. lol

  2. Mike

    I dig it, great performance of the different effects.

    By the way 008 did you ever check out the beat I sent you to check out? email me back and let me know what your HONEST opinion is, I’m a baby compared to you when it comes to Reason!

    1. Post
  3. Bmorr ConScious

    SICK SICK SICK!!!! I was just telling my cuz that reason has all u need to produce a song start to finish. Great example…hey did u send this to propellerhead? If not I would I’m sure they would love to use it

    1. Post

      Thanks bro!
      & Yea I sent it in to the Props…never got a response, so I don’t think it’s really their style. lol maybe a little too rough around the edges haha

  4. DNA

    Love the vocal fx. Awesome job on the new version of the song. Ima need to holla at ya about how you did the fx to the vocals. DOPE as usual 008!!!!

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